Petting Zoo & Horse/Pony Rides

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Through years of working with our animals & people, we have noticed many amazing things.  

Animals bridge the generation gap: 
        They allow parents & grandparents to share stories from their
    childhood with youngsters.  They supply families with a common 
    communication tool which are seldom found these days!

Animals supply many benefits:
We have been privileged to witness the amazing effect they have 
    on handicapped, alzheimer, & autism.  The emotional, physical, & 
    mental benefits by just touching, watching or riding the animals are utterly amazing! 

Animals supply a calming effect:
 They ask nothing more than love from us, which provides 
    an outlet for stress and disappointment.  It is so therapeutic
    just to experience the love they share!

Barnyard Buddies Will Travel To Your Event Or Bring Your Event To Us!  The Animals Are A Great Addition To:

School & Daycares
Churches & Bible School
Birthday Parties
Nursing Homes
Community Events
Company Events & Open Houses

Just Contact Us For A Memorable Experience For Your Clients
& Friends.

Barnyard Buddies is USDA Licensed & Inspected.
(All petting zoos are required to be USDA licensed 
for the protection of the animals & visitors)    




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