Petting Zoo & Horse/Pony Rides

Barnyard Buddies & Friends 

 is dedicated to the memory of our Son
Chadley Aaron Clark
(who passed after a bicycle accident at age 8)
and our Granddaughter
McKayla Dawn Collier
(who was still born)

 Our Mission:
To educate and promote animal saftey 
  & care.
 To share the healing & calming effect
 animals have on kids of all ages.
To promote bicycle saftey.

Our Goal:
To make the difference in the life of a child,
if only for a short time.

To help them realize GOD makes no mistakes
& they are each a special gift.

Visting the animals at my uncle's farm was one of the highlights of Chad's short life.

May The Animals Chad Loved So Much 
Bring Joy & Laughter To Your Children
& The Sound Of Their Laughter Reach To The Gates Of HEAVEN!

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